Jonah Hill Hospitalised During Filming Due To Fake-Drug Consumption

2016-08-22 04:32:18Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Jonah Hill gave a powerful perfomance in The Wolf of Wall Street, but it all came at a pretty serious cost to his health.

For those of you have seen Leonardo DiCaprio's controversial film The Wolf of Wall Street, you will understand just how wild things must have gotten for the actors when filming.

The film is filled with behaviour which seems to throw morality out of the window, cross many lines and showcase the consequences which come along with dangerous life-choices.

The heavy featuring of drug and alcohol addiction/abuse within the film by no means supports the behaviour, and the actors had to go through a hell of a lot when filming such scenes.

Of course, the actors did not use real illegal substances and alcohol during the scenes. Instead, when illegal substances were taken a fake, white vitamin powder was instead used.

Vitamins are good for us, right? Right. But when you decide to overload on anything, it's not a good idea.

Jonah Hill learned this the difficult way.

Recently, he was interviewed by Bill Simmons and revealed that the excessive consumption (each day a scene was filmed where the vitamin substance was injested, and filming went for several months... ) led to him being hospitalised and developing bronchitis for weeks upon weeks.

"I had to be hospitalised. If you inject too much matter into your lungs you’ll get very sick, and we were literally doing fake coke for, like, seven months, every day. I never had more vitamin D in my entire life."

This just proves that The Wolf of Wall Street was some next level craziness - both on film and behind the scenes.

We're glad nothing worse came of this!

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