Joe Jonas Speaks Out About His Ex Taylor Swift And Her Feud With Kim Kardashian

2016-07-23 03:40:04Z
Nic Holland
Nic Holland

Nic loves both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. #buybadbloodonitunes

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Joe Jonas has spoken out about everything that's happened to Taylor Swift this week - and it seems he'd also very much like to be excluded from this narrative!

In a recent interview with, Joe was asked his opinion on Taylor and Kim Kardashian's feud, to which he replied:

""[Laughs] I keep out of it. It's obviously everywhere, but I just stay on the sidelines." 

Joe dated Taylor in 2008, and was the subject of a large number of her songs on her albums 'Fearless' and 'Speak Now'. 

Taylor accused Joe of cheating on her with actress Camille Belle, and subsequently wrote a song titled 'Better Than Revenge', in which Taylor says:

"She's not a saint, and she's not what you think, she's an actress - but she's better known for the things that she does on the matress."

Camille posted this quote on her Instagram this week:

#quoteoftheday #happymonday #felizsegunda

See this Instagram photo by @camillabelle * 6,478 likes


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