Jennifer Garner Just Told Everyone She’s Dating Brad Pitt

2016-10-04 20:06:20Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Growing up, we all kinda dreamed about dating Brad Pitt and it seems that Jennifer Garner could be one of us…

Or maybe she just has the best sense of humour ever.

Jen was out with her friend and was caught by the paparazzi. Of course the paps being paps they asked her about her ex husband Ben Affleck.

She soon reveals that she has a new man… oooolalala…

And then Jen goes on to surprise everyone by announcing,  “Brad and I are dating.”

Safe to say the paparazzi are lost for words. You hear them say “You’re dating Brad, uh, Pitt?”

Jen replies with her cheeky smile and sauys, “Yeah, isn’t it great?”

Her and her friend then lol for days and jump in the car.

Could you imagine them as a couple though… dreamy.

Suddenly we want be Jen’s best friend.

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