It’s An End Of An Era For Oprah

2016-07-28 07:05:03Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We all grew up with Oprah Winfrey giving away basically everything… from like a million dollars, to toilet paper, the woman shared it.

Today there is devastating news, as we learn Oprah's Harpo Studios in Chicago were demolished this week. Apparently they are moving to Los Angeles.

But we still can’t help but feel super sad. Considering EVERYTHING happened inside those studios... 25-years worth of tears and laughs to be exact.

We are talking Tom Cruise jumping of the couch, to the waterfall of tears from every single guest, to her giving away the cars. (YOU GET A CAR)

It’s an end of an era.

But never fever, apparently a McDonald's is moving in on the old site, so we can’t get sad for too long with a Happy Meal.

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