Is This The Video Showing Kim Kardashian’s Paris Attackers In A Car?

2016-10-04 23:44:38Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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A new video has emerged which shows a car following Kim Kardashian leaving a Paris fashion show just hours before the heist.

The Daily Mail has just released footage of a mysterious Fiat right on Kim, Kanye and Kourtney's tail, eagerly trying to get in front of the paps. 

According to sources, none of the usual paparazzi recognised the driver, however, when they confronted him and asked who he was, he said he was a police officer. 

Photographers at the scene of the crime have claimed that the driver of the car was also spotted lingering outside Kim's apartment for near two hours! 

We hope this video can help the police get to the bottom of who's responsible! 

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