Is Calvin Harris J-Lo's Sexy Toy Boy?

2016-09-16 05:55:19Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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According to new reports, Calvin Harris and Jennifer Lopez are dating… but totally on the down-low.

They have been spotted hanging out a couple of times, but we all thought they were good friends… ever since JLO broke up with her ex, the rumours have become more and more extreme.

Calvin, 32, and JLO, 47, both have residency’s in Las Vegas and according to sources they have been working together on a secret music project… and well, having a little fling.

The source told The National Enquirer, “Calvin and Jennifer are very careful to not be seen together.”

“It’s very early days and they’re keeping things on the down-low. They’ve become really close. There’s epic chemistry between them.”

Well duh. It is Calvin and JLO, what’s not to love?

Calvin attended Jennifer’s 47th birthday party just a couple of months ago.

Calvin also posted video of the pair dancing together at her party.

Tbh we are kinda all for this couple. They are yet to comment on the rumours... and they probs won't, but we will dream.

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