Hilary Duff Just Upset A BUNCH Of Her Fans By Posting This Pic

2016-11-13 20:52:50Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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It seems as though Hilary Duff may have to think twice about what she posts on social media.

While we're super fans of the Duffster, it looks like some of her fans just turned on her for posting this pic.


Hilary is currently on vacay and caught a couple of fish (like we've all done) and even pointed out that she didn't feel bad because she caught them to eat them.

Well some fans cracked it and made it very clear they were disappointed in her. Some said they were "super sad for the fish" and that she should "go vegan".

We kind of think as long as Hilary wasn't fishing in a protected area or catching fish she shouldn't be, surely it's ok?

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