Hilary Duff Has Had To Apologise For Her Halloween Costume

2016-10-31 00:05:53Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Ah Halloween, the one day of the year when people can choose to dress up as anything and anyone, but some just can't pick 'em right.

Hilary Duff, probably one of the nicest and polite celebrities out there, didn't exactly do so well with her choice of costume this year.

The actress attended a party with her boyfriend, Jason Walsh, last night and they chose to dress as a pilgrim and a Native American. 

People have started calling them insensitive as currently, there's controversy regarding an oil pipeline the American government is trying to put through a sacred Native American site in North Dakota. 

And of course, because of cultural appropriation. 

Hilary has taken to Twitter to apologise for her costume saying that it just "wasn't thought through"


Jason also apologised on Instagram saying that they "meant no disrespect"


A not so happy Halloween for these guys. 

Image: @hilaryduff

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