Here's What The AMA Producers Bleeped Chrissy Teigan Saying

2016-11-21 04:43:08Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

I’m Scoopla’s red carpet reporter and have interviewed everyone from Angelina Jolie to Katy Perry (who fiddled with my bow tie!). My life motto is ‘dress like it’s the red carpet… not the supermarket’.

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Ok, we're going to admit straight up - there was a LOT of swearing at this year's AMAs.

From Ariana Grande to yes... even Chrissy Teigan.

Chrissy was on stage to introduce her hunky husband John Legend aaaaand she got censored.

We won't lie, she did drop a few f-bombs, so there's that. What she did say was: 

“This next performer is a brilliant musician and a wonderful father who makes a pretty damn good breakfast sandwich and he has been known to write love songs about me, what can I say? I’m very inspiring. But his songs are bigger than either of us and on the heels of what’s been a really interesting f**king f**ked up election for all of us, I think we could all use a little love tonight".

Was she censored for political reasons or for her sweary-ness? You decide.

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