Here Is All The Evidence Suggesting Taylor Swift Will Head To Splendour In The Grass

2016-07-21 01:12:21Z
Nic Holland
Nic Holland

Nic loves both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. #buybadbloodonitunes

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Taylor Swift is in the Gold Coast right now which means she is LESS THAN AN HOUR away from Splendour in the Grass. We’ve collected all the evidence to support the fact that she WILL make an appearance.

She is literally less than an hour away.

She couldn’t be closer to North Byron Parklands. Surely it won’t be difficult for her to organise a driver to get her to the festival, even for one day!

One of her favourite bands is playing.

Tay Tay is a HUGE fan of The 1975 who will be performing on Friday at the amphitheatre. We doubt she’d miss their set!

She has the right people to show her around.

Taylor is dating Tom. Tom is filming with Aussie mate Chris Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth has a brother Liam Hemsworth. As if they wouldn’t want to show her our amazing country?

She’s on holiday.

Taylor arrived in Australia with her boyfriend TomHiddleston, to accompany him while he films his movie Thor: Ragnarok. She’s not working right now so it’s the perfect time to see some live music and have a boogie.

She’s with her boyfriend.

Now we know Tom is busy filming his movie, but perhaps he will take a day off to accompany his lady to Splendour. 

Chris Hemsworth has already shown her how awesome Byron Bay is.

 Over the weekend, Chris Hemsworth took Hiddleswift to Byron Bay to meet his wife and kids. She’s already seen how awesome the place is.

Let’s face it, she could do with a break.

Taylor’s been having a hard time lately (with the whole Kanye thing), and fans reckon she will avoid going back to the US where the paparazzi will be in full effect. It’s the perfect time to let her hair down.

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