Grave Concerns As Police Called To Search For Charlie Sheen’s Ex And Their Twins

2016-11-16 23:49:10Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Police were called to track down Charlie Sheen's seven-year-old sons Max and Bob overnight.

After a long search, the boys were found to be with the actor's ex-wife Brooke Mueller at a car wash, after she reportedly took off with them.

When the boys were found, a witness said he saw Brooke "swinging wildly" at the kids and thought she seemed under the influence. 

One of the boys reportedly told the witness to not call the cops saying "they are going to take my mommy away", but the witness still contacted Police, fearing for the children's safety. 

Once authorities were called, Brooke reportedly tried to hide in a hotel behind the car wash and ended up fleeing the scene in a black escalade.

Brooke originally moved to Utah to undergo rehab earlier this year, so authorities will still keep an eye on the situation but don't see her as a threat to the children at this moment.


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