Get Your Effing Resume Together; Kim Kardashian Is Recruiting For Her Team!

2016-07-21 00:08:45Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Finally our prayers have been answered… you can now apply to work for Kim Kardashian.

Kim is currently working on a new show called, ‘Beauty Bloggers’ she will be the executive producer of the show and she is looking for people like YOU!  Okay, well she is looking for contestants. managed to track down an insider and they found out exactly what you need to work under Kimmy K.

They revealed,  “Kim‘s new reality show Beauty Bloggers is a go. The casting process just started and already an insane number of people have applied. Kim will executive produce the show. It’s all Kim — it’s her baby… For beauty experts, this is a great opportunity — and will give one lucky person a chance to work non-stop with the royal reality family. It’s going to be like Project Runway, where people get to really show off their talent.”

“The winner will be the Beauty Director for Kim, Khloe and Kylie’s apps. It’s going to be on a major cable network and will start filming sometime in October.”

The insider added also added, "Kim will be involved in every aspect of the show and is super excited! The competition is going to be fierce."


To be honest this seems pretty extreme and we all know how much work goes into their apps.

The production company that will be behind ‘Beauty Bloggers’ is based in LA and they are also the same company who created ‘The Real Housewives Of NYC’… so obviously it’s going to be a hit.

At this stage, we don’t know how involved Kim will be on camera and if she will be a judge or not… but it’s Kim so we are guessing she will be!!

We can’t wait for this!

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