Georgia Love’s Old Myspace Page Is The Definition Of Aussie Girl In 2006!

2017-01-13 02:32:42Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

Hi, I’m Zoe! You might remember me from such entertainment sites as! I love Harry Potter, Survivor, The Simpsons, Disney, Beyoncé, Tim Tams and Pancakes. When I grow up I want to be Sandy Cohen.

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YOU GUYS! Bachelorette and well put together woman, Georgia Love, has discovered her old Myspace profile and made the correct decision to share the gold with all of us! 


Even hearing that name brings back a flood of memories swamped with mirror selfies, photos taken at high angles and a place where it was somehow considered acceptable to order your friends.  

We have no idea how we missed this, but earlier this week, last year’s Bachelorette Queen Georgia posted this series of Tweets and oh-me-oh-my they are great.

Take a look! 

Amazing, just amazing. 

BRB, going to go listen to Pictures by Sneaky Sound System and apply more eyeliner. 

Images: Network Ten, Georgia Love Twitter 

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