First Piece Of Jewellery From Kim Kardashian Robbery Found

2016-10-10 03:21:58Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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A lot has happened since the robbery that shook Kim Kardashian to her core at Paris Fashion Week.

The media star has kept quiet on social media and Keeping Up With The Kardashians is on an indefinite hiatus, but luckily for her whilst she's kept out of the spotlight, police have continued their investigations and have made a breakthrough!

A small gem has been found close to the apartment where Kim was robbed and authorities are hoping that this discovery will make the gang easier to locate, a source told the Mail On Sunday paper.

"It suggests that the criminals may have made mistakes because they were in such a hurry."

This small mistake that could potentially lead to the arrest of the men who stole over $10 million worth of property from Kim

The police are joined by a special forces team that Kanye had hired to assist with the search, "They've decided to use their own experts as part of their security overhaul. Some of them have worked for the world's top intelligence agencies. If anyone can get to the bottom of what went on, these guys will."

Investigations are continuing and we can only hope that the family are feeling okay. 

Image: Getty

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