Fans Are Extremely Concerned For Hugh Jackman's Health After His Latest Instagram Post

2016-08-11 00:25:32Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Hugh Jackman took to Instagram to post a picture… but we don’t think he was expecting this reaction.

Hugh has a whopping 7.4million followers on Instagram and this morning he has basically shocked all of them… with some left concerned for his health after seeing the picture.

It shows Hugh, 47, standing at table, listening to music, with a platter of cooked fish and he appears to have aged quite a bit.

Yes guys, he is human, it's okay.

While some believe that he's wearing make-up for the next 'Wolverine' movie… others aren’t convinced.

And they have a point, why would he go fishing dressed in character?

The comments of concern on the photo are endless.

One fan said, “wani_jackmy hero become old, hope you have good health, love you....

Another said, “paolainecuador We love you so much Hugh! Please get well. You are eternal, our Wolverine

They go on and on... Poor Hugh.

lenav37- Doesn't look like you

fenstar59-Get some sleep u look knackered cobbah

thekid5313- Man, Wolverine isnt supposed to age

What do you guys think? He has aged, or just in character?

Either way he is still a babe and we all need to bow down.


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