Have These Bec & Lleyton Hewitt Rumours Gone Too Far?

2016-11-22 01:38:47Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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When you enter into the realm of celebrities, dealing with rumours and gossip is almost part and parcel of the job description.


And our Aussie celebs Bec & Lleyton Hewitt are currently the popular subject of tabloid discussion, because reports have started to circulate that they have baby number four on the way!


Women's Day magazine recently reported the exciting news off the back of some paparazzi pics of the family on a holiday, where Bec looked to be sporting an apparent 'baby bump'. 

Since then, dozens of outlets have picked up the goss and everyone around town is talking. 

We all should know that an 'apparent' baby bump isn't exactly the best evidence to go off when it comes to pregnancy news. 

Countless female celebrities over the years have been the topic of discussion of pregnancy rumours for the most bizarre of reasons, and considering neither Bec or Lleyton have reported anything whatsoever that their fourth child is well on the way.... well, we think we'll wait 'til we hear it straight from the loved up couple themselves. 

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