Ex-Neighbours Star Raises Serious Concerns After Sharing Private Video

2016-11-28 01:47:04Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Caitlin Stasey has caused a lot of controversy in the media over this past year, with her independent attitude and stick-it-to-the-system ways being blown out of proportion.

From freeing the nipple on Instagram to standing up for the rights of the marginalised, and being an all round kick ass gal, Caitlin has done a lot in the way of paving a way for equality, but her latest video on Instagram has a lot of fans concerned.

The video shows Caitlin browsing through the ‘million’ nude photos of herself she has on her computer, while not realising she is actually filming herself.

When she realises the camera is on, she breaks into a laugh.


While many believed they were nude pictures, Caitlin reassured in the comments that “they’re actually not nude selfies it’s a pink bra for a change.”

Caitlin also made note that she was “a bit high” and it is this reveal that has everyone concerned at the very private, accidental share of information.


The star, who has been building a phenomenal acting career over in the States, has forever been pushing the envelope on social media  with semi-nude and nude pictures to highlight the inequalities of their policies, and while this video epitomises her open personality, the fact she was under the influence has raised concerns for her wellbeing.

Kudos always go out to Caitlin for her independent and upstanding ways, but we hope any recreational choices she may make don’t lead her away from her role model mage.

Image Credit: Instagram @ Caitlin Stasey.

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