Demi Lovato Is Copping It Because Of Her Response To This Fan Art

2016-10-04 03:16:06Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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For those of you who don't know, Demi Lovato takes body positivity very seriously - which is something people admire her for. But her latest comment has angered a few fans, saying it was just plain rude. 

The singer has made headlines before because of her outspoken personality, especially when it comes to loving thy body, which is why it may not come as a surprise that she didn't hold back her comments when she saw this piece of fan art.

The drawing by Romanian artist @vladyart, which has actually been up for over 10 weeks now, has just had a second wind after the 24-year-old star left the comments, "Is that how my boobs should look?... It's gorgeous but that's not my body." 

The 17-year-old artist reposted his artwork with screen shots of her comments, defending the reason as to why he made her waist slimmer and breasts larger.

Since then, the comment section is snowballing with plenty of people defending the drawing and pointing the finger at Demi for being rude in what she said.  

However, there are also those who are defending Demi's right to comment however she likes on an image of herself that make her feel uncomfortable... 

Where do you guys stand? Was Demi being rude or just staying true to herself? Let us know! 

Image credit: Instagram @vladyart

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