Chrissy Teigen Speaks Out On Her 'Break Up' With John Legend

2016-11-05 22:10:43Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of those dremay couples we all crush over and they supply a helluva lot of #CoupleGoals. 

Of course, very couple has their problems... and Chrissy just opened up about the moment everything could have gone in a completely different direction.

The stunner revealed in an interview with Cosmopolitan that herself and John did split... but unlike the unfortunate souls who part ways with their special someone forever when they enter splitsville, Chrissy and John's split lasted all but one freakin' day. 

"Early on in the relationship, I was on tour and he'd gotten sick. He was feeling really bummer and stressed out... He was like, 'I can't be in a relationship right now'.

"That lasted for one day. Literally, a day. I knew it came from a place other than us not working... I always joke, 'Remember when you tried to break up with me?' He's like, 'Yes, sorry. Big mistake'."

Imagine if they had never rejoined their paths... we can't even fathom it. And the loved up couple have created one of the most beautiful babies in the process of their continued journey of love.

This is the type of love we need...

Top tip: Don't make any major break-up decisions just because you're feeling stressef AF or crabby. You'll end up regretting it, because you can't see through the stress to see the good you DO have.

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