Chris Hemsworth Reveals Why He Can’t Play Pokémon Go

2016-07-15 01:14:53Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Here’s us thinking that Chris Hemsworth can do everything… but we were so wrong.

This morning on SeaFM’s Galey & Charli they exclusively caught up with the one and only Chris Hemsworth. DRROOLLS

Regular listeners of the show would know what’s been going on, but for those playing along at home all week Galey & Charli have been offering $1000 to anyone who can get us the cast of Thor on the phone!

They spoke to Chris on Tuesday morning and then Mark Ruffalo on Wednesday.

This morning again we were blessed with Chris and he even put Tom Hiddleston on the phone… brb crying.

Anyways, the guys spoke about the one and only thing ruling the world right now. Pokémon Go.

It turns out that Chris hasn’t downloaded it yet because his fingers are too long and he can’t push the buttons of video games properly.

Not even the god of thunder can play Pokémon Go!

We can’t even imagine having to live with that struggle, Chris we are so sorry you’re dealing with this!

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