Carrie Bickmore Reveals Her Daughter’s Unfortunate Nickname

2016-12-08 22:46:12Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We can imagine that when you’re naming your baby you would go through every scenario possible for nicknames… but we don’t think Carrie Bickmore saw this one coming.

Last night on The Project, Carrie revealed that her one-year-old daughter Evie, has been given a pretty hilarious yet unfortunate nickname by her nine-year-old son Ollie.

“My son's nickname for our daughter [Evie] is beaver” Carrie shared while literally laughing.

Ohhhh no… The topic came up after they had a cheeky segment about the animal.

Somehow we just fell in love with Carrie even more.

Image Credit: Carrie Bickmore Instagram

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