Carrie Bickmore Has Slammed Everyone Hating On Rachael Finch’s Parenting Style

2017-03-20 02:00:04Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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The Hit Network's Carrie Bickmore has something to say to everyone who put their negative two cents in about Rachel Finch's parenting style. 

After revealing that she sometimes drops her daughter off at Grandma's so that she can spend quality time alone with her husband, Rachel Finch received serious blacklash about her parenting style. 

Speaking to Stellar MagazineCarrie defended the fellow mum saying, 

"She might as well have put her hand in a blender.

"The immediate reaction was vicious outrage. In a world where there is so much to be outraged about, where does the energy come from?"

The 36-year-old TV and radio personality went on to say that you simply can't please the majority of mothers on social media these days: 

“Post your latest birthday cake creation and you'll be shamed for setting standards too high for other mums.

“Share a pic of your kid's school lunch and someone will point out how chocolate crackles are the first step to childhood obesity.”

We are so pleased to see fellow mums sticking up for one another in amongst all the nastiness of social media these days! Go Carrie!  

Image credit: @bickmorecarrie / Instagram 

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