Cara Delevingne PANTLESS Made Everyone Give Their Lady Garden Some Lovin’

2016-10-01 04:26:59Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Back in August, which seems oh so long ago, we reported on Cara Delevingne’s daring shoot where she ditched her undies to show us her ‘Lady Garden’.

She created quite the stir among the media and young women everywhere have jumped on board to share the Lady Garden lovin’ like you wouldn’t expect!

Now, don’t go down a very different path of thought, which we know you might have already ventured down…

When Cara made the decision to go sans any underwear for her latest magazine cover and campaign, many fans were initially sceptical...

But when the reason for said nakedness was revealed, she was even more of an angel in our eyes. 

She took to Instagram to share a sneak peek of the photo shoot, asking everyone what they call their 'lady gardens', and it was seriously misleading!

Despite the cheeky skew of the post, Cara proudly announced that she was featuring on the cover of the Sunday Times, stripped down to nothing but a baggy hoodie and her striking pout. 

What drove everyone crazy with adoration for Cara wasn’t the fact she ditched her pants, but that she did it for a seriously worthy cause!

Cara explained in her Instagram post how she is "thrilled to be helping raise awareness for a cause that is so important."

Said cause is the Gynecological Cancer Fund, which aims to raise funds to increase medical research in the realm of gynecological health for women, as thousands of women in Australia alone are diagnosed with some form of gynecological cancer each year.

The fund has teamed up with fashion giant Topshop to bring out a collection of clothes featuring the Lady Garden emblem. 

Cara's photo shoot is a part of the fund's Lady Garden Campaign, which has helped over 80% of the women who have seen it become more comfortable with saying the word 'vagina' and hence made the gynecological health talk more prominent and crucial in society.

Cara's commitment to raising awareness of such important issues in society is something we all admire. 

We can all jump onboard and show our support by boasting our Lady Garden pride and purchasing one of Topshop’s stylish ‘Lady Garden’ pieces! You won’t want to miss out on these limited edition products, designed by Simeon Farrar of Black Score

Support yourself, your sisters, friends and mothers!

Image Credit: Getty.

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