Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Welcome A Baby Girl!

2016-10-13 05:57:19Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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That's right the pregnancy of this year is finally over as Blac Chyna has FINALLY given birth to a brand new baby with partner Rob Kardashian!

The relationship that has launched a thousand giphs, memes, hashtags and even a reality show of their own has finally reached a moment of harmony as the first offspring from Kris Jenner's only son has finally arrived and we can't wait to meet her!

It's been a long and rocky pregnancy for not only Blac but for Rob as the pair have definitely had their ups and downs as couple. As they have not only had to deal with their own issues had to contend with a whole bunch of Kranky Kardashians the past nine months, who haven't exactly been over the moon about the relationship...

Blac has been documenting her pregnancy for her fans via Snapchat and has literally been ready to pop for weeks now!

Now, how about that name? According to sources, the pair called her... DREAM!

We cannot wait to see what their girl looks like and one thing's for sure, life won't be dull for her as a Kardashian!

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