Bindi Irwin Officially Takes The Next Step With Her Boyfriend

2016-10-04 22:36:00Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Bindi Irwin has taken the next step in her relationship with boyfriend Chandler Powell.

The family have presented Chandler with his very own pair of khakis.

Obviously this is a pretty massive deal coming from the Irwin’s. They don’t just throw them around to anybody.

Bindi revealed to her boyfriend while talking to Entertainment Tonight. “I love seeing you in khaki, it makes me so happy.”

Chandler is currently in Australia with the family on their annual ‘croc trip’ through the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in far North Queensland. This trip is very important to the family and everyone invloved every year; they go catch and study the crocs.

Of course this is a pretty big deal considering Steve was the one who started the tradition, so Chandler being asked to join is a massive step.

Bindi added to E.T, “It was kind of like, this really big step… It was kind of one of those moments that was a real defining moment for me, because you know, it's only the people who are the closest to us that get their khakis.”

We love their wildlife dream love story.

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