Beyoncé's Ear Drips With BLOOD As Her Earring Is RIPPED Out

2016-10-16 20:10:00Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We all know that Queen Bey is fierce and independent and we're throwing our hands up at her after her latest performance... because she proved that you can keep pushing on no matter what!

The 35-year-old songstress was belting out some tunes during her live TIDAL X: 1015 performance this weekend, when out of nowhere fans started noticing there was blood dripping from her ear!

If we were Bey and we noticed blood dripping down our ear, well, we wouldn't have remained as calm as her!

The audience looked on in horror, unaware of what brought about the injury, and it turns out that the cause of the bleed is every girls worst freakin' nightmare!

When performing her hit tracks, Bey's long, braided ponytail got caught in her huge, elaborate earring and RIPPED it out a little... 


Fans took to Twitter to share footage of the incident and a very disturbing hashtag started to trend, #CutForBeyonce, which had fans offering to cut their ear a little to show love for Queen Bey...

Listen up! Beyoncé wouldn't want you bringing ANY harm to yourselves and we really hope that everyone keeps safe and out of harms way.

She'd much rather you just listen to 'Flawless' on repeat and tell everyone you woke up this darn beautiful.

Some serious kudos go to Beyoncé for showing how darn professional she really is! We're glad she's okay!

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