Beyonce Has Apparently Kidnapped Sia According To This Bizarre Fan Theory

2016-08-01 03:16:43Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Could this mean Sia is actually Becky with the good hair?!

We all know Beyoncé's obvs had some guy trouble (we're looking at you Jay Z), but the latest theory to drop on the net about queen Bey having kidnapped Sia is the most hilarious and weirdly possible thing we have read all week!

Before you scoff and drift away, we promise you you're in for one hell of a hilarious ride.

At the moment, in Brazil, Bey and Sia are seriously trending on Twitter for a totes weird reason: a truck tonne of fans believe she's kidnapped Sia and is keeping her captive in an underground location, forcing her to write hit new songs for Bey.

This is legit and the background behind it has some concrete basis!

In an interview with Billboard last year on what it's like working with Bey, Sia said it's "like a writing camp" and Bey is '"very Frankenstein when she comes to the songs," taking bits and pieces from various songwriters and asking to hear them mixed together. "In the end, she had maybe 25 songs of mine on hold, and I was very excited to get a couple of them back. Definitely one is on the album."

Of course, the internet has turned the whole 'writing camp' quote into the idea of a prison...

They legit think she's been kidnapped and that Beyoncé is forcing her to write songs.

It is hilarious. It is golden. And this is how it's all going down.

While this is all obviously taken way too far and only a conspiracy theory, there's no denying the creativity some fans have.


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