Bec Judd Just Proved Just How Identical Her Twins Are With The Cutest Photo

2017-01-12 22:27:57Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Bec Judd has once again taken to Instagram to share the cutest pics of her identical twin boys and we just can’t get enough!

The boys, Tom and Darcy were born back in September last year and are already growing up fast… but also growing up to be the best of friends!

The pic shows just how alike the twins are.

Bec captioned the pic with, "They even sleep in identical positions. #synchronisedsleeping"

So identical, that even Bec gets them mixed up...


Bec isn’t shy about sharing her busy life with the twins on social media and her husband Chris is also there for the wild ride.

Their family snaps are just next level!

The couple got married back in 2010 and have four children together, Oscar Dylan, 5,  daughter, Billie Kate, who is almost 3, and the new twin boys.  

What a perfect little family. We suggest you follow them for all the family goals!

Image Credit: Bec Judd Instagram

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