AWKWARD! Gigi Hadid Got Kendall Jenner's Birthday Wrong On Instagram

2016-11-03 20:15:50Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Face it; sometimes it’s hard enough to remember our own birthday, not to mention all of our friends.

Sometimes we also miss birthdays or are a couple of days too early or too late.

We all can relate.

But if you’re Gigi Hadid, it sucks a little more, because the whole world sees it.


And see it we did.

Gigi took to Insta to wish her best friend Kendall Jenner a happy 21st birthday… but it was just a day too soon.

Gigi originally captioned the photo with, "Happiest Birthday my Ken" with a cocktail and heart emoji.

And thennn she was quick to notice her mistake and changed it to "Happiest Birthday weekend my Ken,"…. But it’s not even the weekend…. Lol?

Don’t worry girl, we have all been there.

Image Credit: Gigi Hadid Instagram

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