Osher Günsberg Just Made Our Instagram Nightmare Come True

2016-11-13 00:49:48Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Osher Günsberg has been everyone's resident man as the host of The Bachelor franchise this year, sweeping us along on the whirlwind ride that was Richie & Georgia's quests for love. 

However, even Osher is prone to making a mistake... and his latest one is everyone's worst fear when it comes to the world of Instagram. 

The TV personality posted a picture for his fiancée to Instagram, gushing about his "stunning bride-to-be" being "on the way to her hen's lunch."

The post was sweet enough... until you look closely at the pic. 

It turns out that Osher took a screenshot of a screenshot and posted the pic with a whole load of his camera roll pics below the image.

As you all know, this can be the stuff of nightmares.

Thankfully Osher's camera roll was in the safe zone and although he has since deleted the pic we can still take a look at the image he intended to upload on his fiancée's Instagram account. 

We think one of her friend's may have had a little wardrobe malfunction...


We hope Osher's bride-to-be Audrey Griffin had a fantastic time!

We're sure Osher won't be making this mistake again...

Image Credit: Instagram @ OsherGunsberg.

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