Audrina From The Hills Shares The First Photos Of Her Baby Girl

2016-08-25 06:19:09Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

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Audrina Patridge from The Hills has shared some photos of her daughter Kirra!

Audrina and Corey Bohan welcomed Kirra into the world eight weeks ago and they couldn’t be happier.

Everyone is asking to see baby Kirra, and I can’t hold back any longer! We are so beyond in love with her!! I never imagined I could love someone with all that I have, but my love for her grows each and every day,” Audrina wrote on her blog.

Audrina also shared an update about how she’s finding motherhood.

I absolutely love being a mom — Kirra is my number one priority. If I’m being completely honest, the first month of no sleep, C-Section recovery, unpacking, and getting back into the swing of things was pretty grueling. But, at the end of the day, all I had to do was take one look at Kirra and none of that mattered anymore. Plus, we had tons of help from our amazing friends and family! My new in-laws came out from Australia to stay with us for a bit, so we’ve had a few extra hands around the house.”

So cute! We love seeing Audrina looking so happy with her little one.



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