Ariel Winter Reveals The Most DISTURBING Insta Comment She's Ever Had

2017-01-21 23:21:15Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Ariel Winter is one of our favourite people.

Not only does she KILL IT as Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, but she also has amazing style.

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For a lot of child actors, growing up in front of a global audience can be quite hard. 

Ariel has managed to rise against the online haters in the most graceful way, but recently she opened up to Self magazine and revealed the most disturbing hate she'd ever received on Instagram.

The actress said she was used to general hate comments, but when one person commented on a photo and said she was "asking for it", it really "disturbed" her.

Thank you so much @casper for the mattresses!!!!❤️ I love them!

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"It made me super disappointed in our world, and in the internet and the people who were writing things on the internet.

"I really had to stand up and make it a point to fight back against people who were not only body shaming, but also s***-shaming...taking aim at people that weren’t doing anything wrong and making comments that were so harmful and distressing for absolutely no purpose."

Ariel also said that she wishes people would just treat her like the normal 18-year-old she is.

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"I think people make a lot of judgments about me based on what I wear and all the things that I do.

"They kind of glorify and objectify a lot of the things that I do, and I wish people would just see me as the normal 18-year-old that I am.

"I’m doing the same things that everybody my age is doing...people are taking it and making it [seem] like I’m doing stuff that is crazy when really I’m just being me. I wish people would see that."

We think she has handled herself gracefully and she has truly risen above the online hate.

Welcome to the family Chloe 💋! @westsidegermanshepherdrescue

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We love you, Ariel.

Image: @arielwinter Instagram

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