Apparently Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Have Made Up

2016-09-29 20:44:06Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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It’s no secret that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had a pretty messy break up earlier this year… but it seems that could be over.

According to Us Weekly, Calvin and Taylor reached out to each other to try and renew their friendship.

But before you think they are getting back together… it's only for professional reasons.

They are reporting that the two exchanged a "simple text" to avoid any potential awkwardness during award show season. Fair call.

The source told Us Weekly, "It was a very brief, simple text exchange. They are going to run into each other around town and at events, and they need it to be cool. So if the media sees them in the same place, they won't start freaking out. They are cool again but absolutely [have] no plans to get back together. It was more of an olive branch between them."

To be honest we love this, this proves they care about their careers and are extremely professional.


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