An Easy Guide To Blake Lively's Workout!

2016-08-26 05:09:53Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

I’m Scoopla’s red carpet reporter and have interviewed everyone from Angelina Jolie to Katy Perry (who fiddled with my bow tie!). My life motto is ‘dress like it’s the red carpet… not the supermarket’.

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Blake Lively is looking super HOT in new thriller The Shallows and her personal trainer, Dan Saladino recently gave the media a few clues about how he got her body movie-ready in less than 2 months.

We asked our own resident trainer, BUF Girls founder Libby Babet to take Dan’s tips and turn them into a gym-ready workout for you to try. Happy sweating!

Step one: the warm up
Dan says: use a foam roller and other slow, gentle movement for 5 minutes to wake your body up slowly, then move into a further 5 minutes of dynamic mobility

Libby says: use the roller to release your quads, the side of your legs, hammies and glutes, plus some gentle stretching and/or slow jogging. Next, move on to do 10-20 reps each of a number of more dynamic moves like one-leg hip raises, plank leg raises, leg swings, high knees, walking lunges, and butt kicks

Step two: jump, throw, carry
Dan says: jump and throw something for 10 reps each, then hold on to 2 heavy weights and walk for 20-40 metres, before repeating three times through.

Libby says: try any of these combos • Lunge jumps + ball slams + walk holding 2 heavy dumbbells • Burpees + kettlebell swings + walk holding your kettlebell close to your chest • Squat jumps + wall ball side slams + lunge walks holding 2 dumbbells

Step three: upper body

Dan says: choose 3-4 exercises targeting the upper body, then do 3-4 rounds of 10 reps

Libby says: try any of these combos, all using dumbbells or bodyweight • Plank row + overhead press + lateral raises • Pushups + tricep extensions + front raises • Bent over row + up-down plank + prone rows + bicep curls

Step four: finish the energy systems work
Dan says: complete a 20-30 minute quick burst of cardio on your choice of gym equipment, or in the great outdoors. This helps burn a little extra energy and supercharges fat burning before your session wraps up!

Libby says: don’t just cruise through your cardio, score maximum body shaping gains with one of these supercharged 20-minute cardio sets

• Treadmill – complete a 250m sprint, then hit the pause button and jump off, complete 100 turns of a skipping rope (or do 100 quick side-to-side jumps if you can’t skip), then jump back on for another 250m. Continue going between the two exercises until your time is up!

• Rower – crank out 100m on the rower, then jump off and do 10 starjumps, 20 high knees, 30 mountain climbers and 40 butt kicks. Repeat until time is up!

• Stationary bike & treadmill or elliptical combo – start on the bike and sprint as fast as you can for 8 seconds, then cruise for 12 seconds. Repeat this 30 times for a total 10-minute set, then jump on to your choice of the treadmill or elliptical and cruise for 10 minutes before you wrap up.

• Outdoors – take a 20-minute walk-run. Sprint for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds, jog slowly for 60 seconds. Repeat 10 times through.

By BUF Girls founder Libby Babet, who you can train with online at

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