Alone In Bali: Health Issue Separates Megan Marx & Tiffany Scanlon

2017-01-22 21:27:54Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon were the unexpected couple to come out of The Bachelor having found love. 

But ever since they announced their relationship to the world, we've all been supportive and they've proved that there are no boundaries when it comes to feelings of the heart.

The couple are soon to move in together, but have recently been gearing up to head off on an adventure to Bali, to soak up the summer sunshine and have a romantic trip to forever be remembered. 

However, their plan has had a spanner thrown into the works that has separated the two love birds. 

Tiffany took to Instagram to announce that she will not be joining Megan in Bali as planned, but it's not because there is trouble in paradise.

The unexpected change comes due to a sudden illness that has set itself upon Tiff. 

"Sometimes things don't go to plan... unfortunately I will not be flying over to Bali today due to a health issue."

Even though Tiff isn't flying with Megan to Bali, she hopes to head over in a few days time, so fingers crossed her health issue isn't too serious!

We hope these two get the holiday they've been waiting for and that Tiff gets well soon. 

Image Credit: Instagram @ Megan Marx / Tiffany Scanlon. 

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