Alex Nation’s Former In-Laws Slam Her Parenting Skills

2016-10-06 00:54:03Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Alex Nation who stole Richie Strahan’s heart last season on The Bachelor has been slammed online for her parenting skills.

Her former family have been posted some pretty cryptic messages on their social media accounts…and while they probably thought no one would see them unfortunately they are doing the rounds online.

The first shows a picture of Alex’s son Elijah eating with his dad, Joel Porter, and his partner, Ashy Smith.

It was posted by Kimberley, who is Joel’s older sister and Elijah’s aunt and the caption reads “Love this little family. You are the real winners. You both have that kid's heart.😍”

The family snap was posted just two weeks ago, which was shortly after The Bachelor finale aired on TV and Alex and Richie were doing all of their TV and radio appearances.

It doesn’t stop there; last month when The Bachelor was still on TV, Ashy also posted a pretty cryptic post which suggested someone was a neglectful parent.

It has since been deleted but it read, “Too bad you are only a good mother on Facebook and the rest of the time you neglect your child.”

The caption next to the post said, "Think this speaks volumes!!"

Her sister Kimberley commented with the hashtag "#notnamingnames"

And thennnnnn another post was uploaded. Kimberley posted another meme, which is believed to be referring to Alex’s lingerie modeling past.

The post said, "She says I'm a model... but pays for her own shoots." She also included the hashtags, "#realitytv #whiterose #passiveaggressive #notnamingnames."

Then Elijah's grandmother, Deborah Porter got involved and commented with a hashtag that said, "#cantfakefake."

So much drama.

It's believed that Elijah spends most of his time with his dad on the school holidays, but Alex hit back at critics who has questioned her parenting skills in the past.

She told The Daily Mail, “My little boy is everything to me…I know who I am and I know what kind of mother I am so they don't bother me.”

Obviously there are two sides to every story and we just hope that everyone has Elijah's best interests at heart.

Image Credit: alexandranation/ misskimberleygrace/AshyDaisy17 Instagram


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