ALERT: Kylie Jenner Just Posted & Quickly Deleted Proof That She's The Lead Singer Of Terror Jr

2016-10-06 00:36:16Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Okay we are seriously LOSING it, we think that Kylie Jenner has accidentally revealed the answer to the biggest mystery that has surrounded her this year. 

We all know that there have been rumours circulating all year that King Kylie is the lead singer behind the band Terror Jr, whose song '3 Strikes' was featured in her sexy AF lip gloss video earlier this year.

The reason people think Kylie herself is the lead singer, is that prior to her lip gloss video there was no evidence of any band called Terror Jr. Their social media pages only appeared after the video dropped.

To add to the mystery the lead singer of the band has remained "anonymous" and her face has never been seen with the band or featured in any photos. Oh and the only person the band follows on Instagram is .... Kylie !

So we pretty much lost our sh*t when earlier today Kylie posted this pic of her sporting a rose hair colour, only to delete it moments later!

 So we know Kylie changes her hair colour like we change underwear, but let's take a look at a promo shot of Terror Jr that debuted earlier this year, notice a similiarity at all?!

We are literally dying to know the reason behind Kylie's hasty post and delete. Is she not wanting to give up her status as a singer just yet?!

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