Adele Threw MAJOR Shade At Brangelina's Split In Front Of A HUGE Crowd

2016-09-23 23:40:33Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We're all still recovering from the shocking news of Brangelina's heartbreaking split, and media outlets all over the world are churning out article after article to speculate the reasons behind the break up. 

One much-loved star who took to the world stage to share her support for the couple, Adele, used her Madison Square Garden gig to "dedicate the show to them."

"I'm really, really sad... I was shocked when I woke up this morning." 

Among the Brangelina chaos, the singer's comments went viral.

However, it turns out that her long speech sharing support for the former Hollywood It-Couple were all fake...

Yes, fake

Obviously no one clicked on to Adele's sarcasm, so at her next show she made it damn clear what her stance is on the whole Brangelina sitch... and it ain't pretty at all. 

"I think it's a bit sick that you're reporting on an absolute joke... I don't care if they've broken up. I couldn't give a f***ing sh*t."

While there's a huge amount of truth to Adele commenting on the fact there are a lot of injustices happening in other countries which aren't getting the Brangelina front-page exposure, our thoughts are still with the couple at this trying time. 

We hope the couple can stay strong to stay in support of the best interests of their children and themselves.

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