A Video No One Was Meant To See Of The Spice Girls Has Surfaced From 1997

2016-11-17 20:59:29Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We all obviously love the Spice Girls, but somehow this just made us love them even more.

The video shows the girls on set in 1997 filming a Polaroid commercial.

They are dressed as schoolgirls and they over hear a crewmember asking them to show more breasts and skin.

Mel B and Geri being the bada** b*tches they are, confront him and ask why… wait for it…. he replies with,"It's every male's fantasy."


Scary Spice gives him a piece of her mind with a comebacks of "Well, you can f@#% off."

Yes gurl…

Ginger Spice speaks up after the man tried to defend himself saying its, "show business" and she calls him a "chauvinistic pig," arguing "that's such an easy cop out."

She keeps going, "I understand that in advertising you're thinking sexy-sexy, but have you not heard of less is more anyway? You should know better. What sort of example is that?"

The other girls then back them up and give the man a lesson on sexism.


We could watch this on repeat. GIRL POWER

This is what they were filming. And we are so glad that stood their ground.


Image Credit: Virgin

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