We Found Out What Happened To Sister2Sister

2016-09-06 06:03:35Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Sister2Sister broke into the Australian music scene in 1999 when they released their debut track ‘Sister’.

The track, written by band members (and of course, sisters) Christine and Sharon Muscat,turned into an Australian pop classic that some of us still remember all the words to.

The track boosted Sister2Sister up the charts and made them one of the most promising acts of the early 00’s. Since then though we haven't seen Sister2Sister so we found out what they've been up to for the last sixteen years.



In 2004 Sister2Sister established Sister2Sister School of Singing and have since been offering complimentary tuition in music, drama and movement ever since.

The school also offers varied workshops and performance opportunities for students, all with the intention to share their industry wisdom with young students. 

Teaching seems to be the main priority for Christine and Sharon now, but every now and then they contibute backing vocals for Delta Goodrem as well!

Looks like Sister2Sister will always be singing whether they're in the limelight or not. 

Images: Festival Records 


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