These Teens Were Asked About ‘Spice Girls’ & They Didn’t Know Sh*t

2016-12-13 05:20:00Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

Hi, I’m Zoe! You might remember me from such entertainment sites as! I love Harry Potter, Survivor, The Simpsons, Disney, Beyoncé, Tim Tams and Pancakes. When I grow up I want to be Sandy Cohen.

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We know it’s not their fault, but damn what were the parents of these modern day teens teaching them?  

The Fine Brothers YouTube channel are constantly asking different generations their thoughts on topics, whether it be oldies talking about new rap music or kids looking at old technology. 

But this latest video has us in shock (lil dramatic there, but still!). 

The brothers sat down with teenagers of today and showed them clips of the Spice Girls and discussed just how big the girl group was and the legacy they left behind. 

…. And let’s just say, a lot of this was news to them.  

Take a look - 

We're going to assume they are all very busy listening to their albums and watching old interviews of the girls on YouTube now as homework!

Image: The Fine Brothers YoutTube 



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