The Spice Girls Are Looking For Two New Members & YOU Can Audition

2016-09-11 20:28:04Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Our childhood dreams of becoming a Spice Girl could become a reality.

Face it, when we were growing up we all had secret dreams of  becoming a Spice Girl (Shotgun being Baby Spice)… we had a handy Impulse spray can as our microphone, or a trusty hairbrush and we belted out 'Stop' in our bedrooms thinking we were in front of millions... but in reality we were just in front of our stuffed toys…

Well never fear because those dreams could soon become a reality. The Spice Girls are looking for two extra members and literally ANYONE can audition.


Basically, because Victoria Beckham and Mel C have decided not to take part in the reunion tour, this means they are two Spices short.

The Mail are reporting that the three remaining Spice Girls have teamed up with BBC to create a reality TV show to find some new talent.

This will give the members of the public a chance to audition to become a member of the band. It is believed that the successful singers will then join the group for a special Hyde Park concert as part of the reunion!

Talk about a dream come true.

Here practice.

Image Credit: Virgin

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