The Secret Message In The Spice Girls Viva Forever Video We TOTALLY Missed!

2016-10-20 22:40:59Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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Everyone remembers the iconic film clip to the Spice Girls song 'Viva Forever' right?

Those little clay-mation fairies that flew around, harassing that poor kid... making him get in the rubiks cube etc etc.

At the time, Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell, was departing the group and her character's appearance in this clip signified the last time she would appear with the girls (for the moment).

Little did we know, there is actually a secret message at the very end of this film clip that we TOTALLY missed.

As the fairies fly out of the giant machine they are in, we only see FOUR not FIVE fairies leave. Geri gets left behind. Figuratively and physically.

We feel so sad.

How's that reunion coming along girls?

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