The Rumoured Taylor Swift Collaboration Song Has Leaked Online

2016-10-13 05:48:16Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Last week, Kelsea Ballerini, an American songwriter, released a video on Snapchat of a brand new song called 'Roses'. 

Fans listened and thought that there were some extra vocals on the track that sounded a lot like Miss Taylor Swift

Of course, everyone then went into a frenzy, getting excited about the prospect of new music from the pop singer, but unfortunately we'll have to wait a little bit longer for that to happen.


Kelsea posted a new snippet of the track on her Instagram and clarified that the vocals we heard were all hers.

"It's not a collaboration with anyone, and I'm not making a pop record."

Well, our dreams are crushed, but at least the air is now clear. 

Image: Billboard

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