Ok Go Have Blown Our Minds Again With Yet Another Magical Music Video

2016-11-25 05:28:21Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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If there's one band that know how to make a great music video, it's Ok Go.

Breaking out onto the scene with that perfect treadmill clip for their song 'Here It Goes Again', the band have become famous for their extravagant videos that we honestly just can't deal with.


The Grammy Award-winning band have released yet another brilliant music video that was literally filmed in only 4.2 seconds!

The video is for their song 'One Moment' and shows the clip in real time, before then slowing the action down whilst the song plays.

Amazing, right?

Ok Go explained how they filmed the clip on their website because really, we just aren't as clever as they are and NEED to know how it was done.

"We used very precise digital triggers to set off several hundred events in extremely quick succession.

"The triggers were synchronised to high-speed robotic arms which whipped the cameras along the path of the action.

"Though the routine was planned as a single event, currently no camera control systems exist which could move fast enough (or for many sections, change direction fast enough) to capture a movement this long and complex with a single camera, so the video you see connects seven camera movements."


Now let's all sit back and just drink in the brilliance of this new video.

Image: OK GO

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