This Is Why Victoria Beckham And Mel C Boycotted The Spice Girls Reunion

2016-09-10 02:09:07Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

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Mel B has spoken out to explain why Mel C and Victoria Beckham won’t be part of the upcoming Spice Girls reunion. 

Mel B, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton recently revealed that they are reuniting as a trio to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Wannabe. But they’ll be embarking on this journey without their Sporty and Posh counterparts.

Speaking to James Corden on The Late Late Show, Mel B was very candid when asked why they’ll be two Spice Girls down.

Because the other two b*****s didn’t want to do it!'” she said.

Let me correct that, my other two lovely ladies,” Mel continued. “Victoria is busy with her fashion range and Mel is recording a solo album, so they politely declined - but gave us their blessing.” 

We’re girl power, we support each other, so us three went 'OK then lets just us three do it'.”

Mel explained that they aren’t quite sure what their reunion will consist of.

“We are going to do something. Us three. We are going to perform and celebrate you know, together, for the people.I think cos we’re a British band, we’re going to start in London then work our way around and see where else wants to see it.”

And while she can’t see them adding any permanent replacements for Victoria or Mel C she predicts that there will be some special guests along the way. 

I don’t think we could ever replace Sporty or Posh but I’d like to invite other people up to sing with us yes.”

Let’s hope this reunion tour makes it to Australia… unlike every previous Spice Girls tour. 

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