Justin Bieber Announces New Song With Ed Sheeran, Major Lazer, & More!

2016-07-04 04:03:07Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Stop the clock. Put down whatever you are doing, the mother of all musical announcements has just been made!

If you are anyting like us and know that the words 'Sorry' and 'What do you mean?' are simply not just words that you may use in an argument, but are more likely to be associated with the soundtrack that has been your life since the release of Justin Bieber's Purpose album, last year.

Well it's time to get excited about what WILL become the new song to live your life to, as Justin himself has just announced the release of his new hot track to be released soon and it's quite the star filled tune!

He took to Twitter to announce the song's upcoming release and dropped the EPIC bombshell, that those involve include Ed Sheerhan, Major Lazer and dymanic pop producer Benny Blanco!

The new tune will be released this month and is called 'Cold Water' but going of his previous string of hits, we are thinking it will be anything but cold and will most likely be a very red HOT banger!

We cannot for it's debut!

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