Here's What Happened To The Guy That Sang 'Sexual Healing'

2016-09-23 01:47:33Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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You all know the words to the epic 90s RNB song 'Sexual Healing'... but did you ever wonder what happened to the guy that sang it?

Well it was actually a GROUP called Maxamillion!

They consisted of A'Lisa B., Duran Estevez and Tommye and released the remake of the Marvin Gaye classic in 1995.

So what have they been up to since?

It seems as though the group now just consists of one of the guys and blow me down he's now in Australia!!!

According to Google, he recently played a gig in Cairns on the 16th September and will be at the Irish Club in Mount ISA ON THE 15TH OF OCTOBER!

Oh and he met Jamie Foxx...


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