Here’s The Ultimate Playlist For Your Dreamy Sunset Watching

2016-11-01 00:28:00Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

I’m Scoopla’s red carpet reporter and have interviewed everyone from Angelina Jolie to Katy Perry (who fiddled with my bow tie!). My life motto is ‘dress like it’s the red carpet… not the supermarket’.

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How many times have you gotten yourself into that 'carefree mood' and actually stopped to watch a gorgeous sunset?

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Look, TBH we want you to have the full super-max chill experience, so we've even put together the ultimate playlist for you while you dreamily watch the sunset go down.

1. Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

Why? It's a super relaxed vibes song and the chorus is REALLY easy to sing. Plus if you lip sync it while watching the sunset, you'll look EXACTLY like Tay Tay.

2. Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love

Why? This song has serious 'drive to a cool cliff top and watch the sunset' vibes. It also has the right amount of beat to make sure you don't drift off and miss all the fun!

3. Ed Sheeran - The Shape Of You

Why? We've missed Ed. With two songs popping up recently, he shot straight to the top of our 'fav songs' playlist and this hit has such a tropical paradise beat!


4. Andy Grammar - Fresh Eyes

Why? Andy is BACK with yet another awesome track, while your eyes drink in the sunset... your ears will drink in his music!

5. John Legend - Love Me Now

Why? John's voice is like butter.  He's serious husband material - just ask his wife Chrissy Teigan. Plus if you're watching your sunset with your crush... this is totally romantic ;).

6. Frenship & Emily Warren - Capsize 

Why? Emily has written for some of the biggest artists in the world like Jessie J, Fifth Harmony and more and NOW we've been treated to a gorgeous song of her own! 

7. Pnau - Chameleon

Why? You remember Pnau. Well p-now they're back and we're in LOVE with this tune! 

8. The XX - On Hold

Why? Even Rihanna is a fan, she used samples of The XX's songs on 'Talk That Talk'. 

9. Milky Chance - Cocoon

Why? Hilary Duff told us she's a massive fan of Milky Chance and Ms. Duff, we tend to agree!

10. The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming

Why? He's now apparently Mr. Selena Gomez and there's nothing more that we want to do, than watch a sunset and pretend we're married to The Weeknd...

Telstra Pre-Paid Plus with data-free music streaming of Apple Music.  For use in Australia. FairPlay policy applies.

Photo credit: Universal Music/Big Machine Records

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