Harry Styles Has Changed His Stage Name And We're A Bit Confused

2017-01-07 22:53:37Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Since the end of One Direction, each member has ventured into their own unique solo careers.

We know that Zayn has dominated in music and Niall just broke our hearts with his debut solo track 'This Town', but Harry Styles has done a complete U-turn.


The singer recently appeared in the trailer for World War II drama Dunkirk, showing the world his acting chops.

In the trailer, he can be seen looking out into the distance and drowning!

A bit of an interesting start to an acting career, but it still doesn't mean that Harry won't be blessing us with his beautiful voice again.

He will still be releasing his own original music, however, if you're looking for his album on shelves, you won't be looking for the name 'Harry Styles' anymore.

Apparently, he's decided that when he's releasing music, he will just be known as Styles.


This move has proven successful for many musicians including Cher, Madonna and of course, good ol' Zayn, but will it work for Harry?

It definitely would distance him from his One Direction days, but we wonder what instigated the change and whether or not he'll go through with it.

Oh Harry, do tell!

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